Monday, June 21, 2010

If You Are Being Bullied, Please Read This (Sporadic Smart Comment, Jun 21, 2010)

OK, time to reward smarts today.

This comment warmed my heart after reading a very sad article about a boy who tried to kill himself because of some relentless bullies at his school. He's now severely brain damaged and confined to a wheelchair. :(

Anyway, many of us, possibly even a majority of us (myself included) have survived being bullied in school at some point. So has "Pete of CC", who wrote something so inspirational that I decided that today should be a smart comment day. Here goes. If you are being bullied or have ever been bullied in the past, please take a moment to read this.

To all those who are being bullied - hang in there! Ignore the bullies as best as you can (they hate it when you don't react to them), stay out of their way and just quietly go about looking after yourself and achieving things for yourself. Be patient and understand that one day, high school will finish and you won't have to put up with those morons. Know that those same morons will never achieve and will never rise to high standards - their own behaviour as teenagers is a reflection of their parents way of bringing them up. I have been there - in high school I was bullied because I was different (deaf) but I simply ignored them, stayed out of their way, picked my friends VERY carefully and focussed on my education. If the bullying is bad enough, REPORT them - to the school, to the police to your family. Just remember, at the end of the day, if you stay strong and true to yourself and ignore them, you will come out of it a far better person than they ever will be.

Hang in there, kids. Nothing or nobody is worth harming yourself or anyone else over. To paraphrase Jake Gyllenhaal in Donnie Darko, "I promise that things are going to get so much better for you." (It's said in a similar context in the movie, too).

As for the bullies...they'll grow up to be mocked on this site, People Of WalMart, and FailBlog, most likely.

I'll be back tomorrow to get back to the stupid.
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  1. Awesome post Pete of CC!! My son is getting bullied and I keep trying to tell him that things will get bettered and the loser bully will probably end up in jail by age 17.