Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Jerry Seinfeld - Lady Gaga Incident Causes So Much Comment Fail

I must admit: I am something of a Little Monster. "Little Monster" is what a Lady Gaga fan is called, and I think it's cute. Anyway, this probably isn't the right place for me to go on and on about how awesome I think she is, but the whole Little Monster thing is the only reason why I've paid any attention to the fact that Jerry Seinfeld was upset over execs at Citi Field letting Gaga use his VIP box after showing up at a Yankee game scantily clad, drunk, and boisterous.

Being drunk and disorderly at a ball game? That NEVER happens! [/sarcasm]

Anyhow, Seinfeld said what he said, seemingly half-jokingly. It was a bad call on Citi Field's part to send Gaga to a VIP box that Jerry Seinfeld paid for, and I don't blame Jerry for being upset (despite the somewhat misdirected anger).

Honestly, after reading what it was all about, I couldn't care less. I doubt either party has lost any sleep over this. What I do care about are the wonderfully stupid opinions that sprung up as a result. Look at mocus1's deep, thoughtful insight:

You see folks, she's a radical leftist and supports gay rights, so in the media's eyes, she can do no wrong. The virulent idiots in the homosexual and moronic media worship fools like this tuna tool, and all her stupid antics. They love idiots, as long as their LEFT WING idiots. They have no time for any other kind of idiot, however.

Radical leftist? Why, because she supports animal rights? I don't exactly think wearing a Muppet fur outfit is making some major partisan statement (genius, yes, but not partisan). 

Yes, she does support gay rights, and judging by the fact that mocus1 referred to a woman as a 'tuna tool', makes me think that he will too, once his closet door has been pried open. Seriously, I thought that only 80 year old gay men referred to females as 'tuna'.

This statement by thejigisup makes loads of sense, and by 'makes loads of sense', I mean 'reads as heavily drug-influenced:



There is very little that I can 'figure' from this, except that crack is wack.

Speaking of crack being wack, one reader "Bob Benedict Ra" was upset(?) over another reader calling her a Satanist...I think...

Did you say this ????...atrainchris
06/22/2010 4:20 PM
She is classless disgusting satanist! OMG .. If you only knew how true is your description ..of at least 2 former First Ladies ,( AND THIS IS NOTHING TO DO WITH LAURA BUSH OR HILLARY CLINTON )
BUT GAGA ..Hmmmm sweet 23 yr old kid to have her as a client ..It was a Hot Day ..too much beer ..a lapse in any sense of commonality ..AND you have the un-rentlenting genius we call Gaga ..
We need to endulge her in extreme sympathy :
-she believes in reincarnation
-she is a visual performer which is subconsciously bringing back ..musicals
-she has little common sense ,and has mentioned her vision of some impersonating paparazzi ..gunning her down .

So ,you see all this show of "I'M EVERY MAN" FREE TO GO WHERE I WANT ..EVEN UNESCORTED IS JUST A PROCESS OF ACCLAIMATION ..this could allow her to overcome her fobias.
When you talk to her she is nothing like the show she puts on ...quite a conversationalist ..very high IQ ...hasn't met her prince charming yet ...solid Gold Heart
.......though enough to get most upset their ...your right ..Jerry ..and a good target for some comedy ..I don't thing she will mind...

If someone could tell me WTF Bob is even talking about, please let me know, in non-crack language.

With that, I leave you with my favorite Lady Gaga photo. Oh, and thanks for your patience! I've been traveling and unable to get as much time to blog.

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  1. While the dress in that pic is genius, it's not exactly the best photo of her face in ther world.

    Anyway, I think Lois Griffin said it best when she said "Meth is one hell of a drug."

  2. @TJ - I love her face in that picture. She's so whimsical-looking there. I love her eyes.

  3. She does, it's just...the eyes. The hair wisp makes them

  4. Tuna tool? Is that a reference to bluffin with her muffin?