Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Former American Idol Contestant Who Loves To Make Dumb Comments

Ah...American Idol fans. As someone who has spent the past few years following everything American Idol on a funny site called Vote For The Worst, I have seen a lot of stupidity involving fans of the show. Occasionally, there is stupidity regarding the contestants themselves.

One such contestant is Todrick Hall. As you'll find out by following this link (contains adult language), Toddy has made a lot of enemies in his short, fledgling career. Go ahead. Read it. I'll wait.

You should also Google his name within your browser. In Firefox, if you Google something, suggestions should pop up as you begin typing. Type in this guy's name and the top suggestion is "Todrick Hall Scam".

Don't believe me? Try it!

To be fair, the whole thing is a mess of he said, she said, but there really are a whole lot of people who really, really don't like him. Still, when he asked to come on the Vote For The Worst Radio Show to tell his side of the story, we said OK, and let him ramble in circles for a good, long while.

To be honest, I had let the whole issue go (if you have seen this mind-numbingly boring season of American Idol, then you understand why I ceased to care). Karma is a bitch, and if Toddy is guilty, she'll bite him in the behind at some point. No sense in me doing the same.

That is, until yesterday.

You see, Toddy has this annoying habit of spamming celebrities with his YouTube videos. He's a good singer - I'll give him that because I am fair. However, spamming celebrities on Twitter is just simply not cool. Normally, I sit back and ignore it, but when I see someone spam Kathy Griffin, my favorite comedienne, not one, not two, but EIGHT times in rapid succession with the exact same post, I decided to take things into my own hands.

Fig. 1: Todrick harasses Kathy Griffin on Twitter. Note that 7 of the 8 tweets link to the exact same video.

My response?

@Toddyrockstar I bet you're about one spam tweet away from @kathygriffin blocking your desperate a--.

(Note - I am censoring myself here, but I don't censor myself on Twitter. Go figure that one out for me.)

Since Toddy and I have spoken before, he SHOULD know that I am a professional snarkmonster (much like the lovely Ms. Griffin, but with less money, more body hair and a penis), and that my highly direct statements should be taken with a grain or ten of salt. Right?

Right...that is, if the man whiny crybaby had half a brain in his head. However, I had too much faith in him. Now, say I had flamed any other artist with even a shred of visibility (I don't do that, but I've seen it done). The protocol would be for the person to ignore me, but I must have set Toddy off, because he immediately began frothing at the mouth like a rabid Glambert squirrel:

@drlulzington Don't hate because you have no followers, and why are you following me anyway if you're such a hater?

Uh, DUH, I was actually trying to be supportive. Besides, I have 164 followers on my PERSONAL Twitter account. @votefortheworst (technically not my account, but one that I have access to and occasionally operate) actually has more followers than Todrick, which I think is hilarious. Check for yourself.

Anyhoot, my response:

@Toddyrockstar I'm just an experienced person trying to stop you from embarrassing yourself. You're welcome.

At this point, Toddy cut his losses and moved on, like the mature adult he is. Just kidding! It just fueled the fire going on in his brain. OK, not so much a fire. More like a sputtering, warm gas:

@drlulzington I have nothing to be embarrassed about

No, of course not. Not the allegations of being a scam artist. Not the allegations of being a raging closet case. Not of just being a general buttwipe. :rolleyes: Anyway, two more responses came before I even had a chance to say anything. OCD much?

@drlulzington I'm on broadway where the hell are you?

Broadway? GUFFAW! Which Broadway? Dallas? Garland? Hell, even the out-of-the-way suburban town I grew up in had a Broadway, but I don't remember any theaters there. But where am I now?

@drlulzington obviously somewhere focusing on me

Yes, that is true, because...

@Toddyrockstar It's hard not to focus on you when you're all over my f---ing wall.

Right? He's lucky I didn't report him for spam! He's certainly guilty of it. That, and having a raging case of verbal diarrhea:

@drlulzington well STOP FOLLOWING ME THEN RETARD, easy fix, I didn't hack your computer and make you follow my "desperate ass"

OOH, CAPS LOCK!!! Zexy! This is one whiny crybaby who is after my heart! But he doesn't remember being on VFTW Radio, a show that he begged to appear on so that he could (unsuccessfully) tell his side of the scam story from earlier this year.

No, dumbo, I followed you because I was trying to be nice at the time. Sheesh.

Anyway, after a few less-entertaining tweets about the radio show, I got bored and gave up, after which he sic'd his 12 fans on me. Eleven children (presumably not among the kids he allegedly scammed), and a 32-year-old with the mind of a child sent me mentions along the lines of 'get a life'. How original.

It's not my nature to get into Twitter wars with idiots, but if you mess with Kathy Griffin, I will f--- you up.

Be warned.

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  1. Fraudrick is a massive douche

  2. That's putting it mildly. This twitter war might have been the last newsworthy thing he does.