Saturday, May 22, 2010

More Leaking Oil In The Gulf Means A Neverending Stream Of Dumb Comments

No, this isn't quite deja vu. This is another update to the oil tragedy in the Gulf Of Mexico.

As the leak continues and the spill spreads to the Gulf Coast, Americans are waking up more and more each day to the dangers of offshore oil drilling. Suddenly, "Drill, Baby, Drill!" is, like, soooooo 2008. However, as people come to grips with the extreme level of fail on the part of British Petroleum, they seem to have a little trouble separating fact from fiction.

And I'm being REAL conservative, saying "a little".

Amelie led a passionate conversation about the connection between oil extraction and...wait for it...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Only Socialist Commies Think Education Is A Good Thing

Yeah, I've been reading Yahoo! News again.

Why? Because there is a never ending stream of idiotic statements made there, especially when it comes to anything having to do with President Obama. It seems that this is where the mindless drones of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh come to scream "SOCIALIST!" no matter what the news is about.

In this case, President Obama is bitch slapping the oil industry in the wake of the BP disaster, and calling for a 50% reduction in auto emissions in the next 7 years. Fair enough, right? We're going to run out of oil eventually, so may as well start conserving while we pave the way for clean energy technology so that we don't get thrown back into the 19th Century when we run out.

However, that would be the opinion of someone with something of an education. And that's just so Socialist.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sports Fans Love To Make Dumb Comments

As you've probably guessed by now, dumb comments don't just come after news and gossip articles. Sports fans are just as liable to behave like idiots!

In the case of this article about a young football player (soccer if you're reading this in the US or Canada) who at the age of 17 found out that, because of a heart condition, he can't play ever again or risk death, people still can't stop the stupid.

This is what's going on with Toronto FC player Zac Herold:

Herold suffers from the condition Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) – which causes abnormal thickening of a part of the heart muscle. With this condition, under strenuous exercise, there is a risk of developing a potentially fatal irregular heart rhythm, or arrhythmia.  Unfortunately the only way to reduce this risk is to put significant life-long restrictions on exercise.

Sad, isn't it? Most of the comments were supportive, but there's always a few a-holes here and there. Borne Ov Brutality was the first to jump on the dumb train:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Tea Party Brings Out The Dumbest Comments Of All

Ow. My brain.

Today was a big day for US politics. It was "Super Tuesday", a day where there were several Senatorial Primary races. And thanks to the Tea Party, a couple of incumbent Senators got knocked off their perches. That part of it is neither here nor there to me, as I'm trying to remain officially apolitical for now (we shall see if that lasts).

No, not by a long shot. The hilarity comes in the comments left by the most knee-jerk of the Tea Partiers upon reading the news on the Internet. I'm guessing they're among the 60% of the movement who did not go to college.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fans Love 'Exiting' Singer Adam Lambert And His 'Lushious' Hair

Ah, fans. Fans are crazy.

And few fans seem to be crazier than Adam Lambert fans. From the book advertised to the left (seriously, it's at least worth looking at the description), to crazy comments left on the Internet, "Glamberts", as they are called by some, are some of the funniest fans around.

Take this article on the deets of Adam Lambert's new video, for example. It's going to have an 'artsy' feel, complete with fire breathers, fire jugglers, etc. To Adam's concerned fans, this cannot happen. Poster "OMG" is one of the frightened ones:

Monday, May 17, 2010

I Mad This Up For Attention

Anesthesia Awareness is a horrible and very real nightmare for those unlucky enough to have experienced it, as you'll read here. However, there are some people who don't think so, like Tp3d, who believes that people just have a tendency to 'mak things up'.


No, really. Look:

Awake during surgery: 'I mad this up for attention'

Don't you hate it when you're about to make what you think is the most clever comment EVER on some news site, and then you mess it up by forgetting to utilize the spell check, or failing that (since 'mad' is an actual word that the spell check would overlook), your own eyes? Oh, and also by being a jerk?

I wouldn't mak this up.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Smart Comment Of The Week Ending May 16, 2010

Even though the Internet is rife with dumb comments, once in a while, you come across the occasional smart comment. I feel that these people deserve to be highlighted as well. Smarts ought to be rewarded more than they currently are, don't you think?

This week's smart comment comes from John85 at John85 would probably love this site.

Lord, opinions are like A-holes. Everybody has one and they all stink! CNN should charge $1.00 for every post. It'll cut down on the BS and increase revenue!

What a fantastic idea! All of the dumb comments will disappear from the Internet. On the other hand, this site would die a quick death, as would all commenting on the Internet.

Small price to pay, though.